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3 Natural Ways to Increase Your Daily Fiber Intake

Fiber is an essential part of a person’s overall health many do not get enough of. One example are those who are unable to eat grains, as much of modern fiber intake revolves around various grains.

Yet having enough fiber in the diet is vital for your organs and gastrointestinal track. Your bowels can’t be properly regulated without this nutrient and being backed up comes with a whole slew of its own issues.

There are plenty of ways to increase your daily fiber without eating grains, and today we’re going to look at just a few of them.

1: Add Quinoa to Your Diet

Quinoa nutrition information shows that a single cup of uncooked quinoa will meet nearly half your daily fiber requirements. Eating this at least twice a week can drastically boost your overall intake. Or, maybe after trying it you’ll fall in love and eat it every day!

2: Learn to Love Sauerkraut & Pickles

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles are high in fiber, and they also contain many other important health benefits. They’re good for your heart, for starters, and tend to be low in calories. Fermented foods are a staple in eastern European cuisine, so check out some of those recipes for an idea on how to incorporate these more in your diet.

3: Eat More Beans

Stop avoiding beans just because they make you gassy – that’s a good thing. The reason beans have a reputation for causing gas is because they are high in fiber, which makes your gut start working. You can eat beans on their own as a side dish, over white or brown rice, in chili, soups, stews…. The possibilities are nearly endless. The best part is there are so several types of beans, you can never get bored of them.

Additional Tips for Healthy Fiber Intake

·    When you begin to up your fiber intake, begin drinking more water also, because your body will need it.

Quinoa nutrition

·    If your diet is very low in fiber, you may experience minor discomfort when upping your intake.

·    Stretch out your fiber intake throughout the day versus eating a bunch at one time