Finding A Digital Piano For My Son

My son took piano lessons a long time ago, and playing the piano is something that has become a passion for him.  Unfortunately, I have never been able to afford an actual piano for him, and the cheap little keyboards that he has really do not do the trick for him anymore.  For his birthday recently, I decided that I would find a good, yet somewhat inexpensive, digital piano that he would be able to play at home.  Because I am certainly no expert when it comes to this sort of thing, I really did not know where to begin my search, and so I randomly looked on the internet in order to see what I could find.  Thankfully, I found a site that reviews musical instruments, and so I was able to trust the experts when it came to figuring out what gift I ought to get for my son.

yamaha p115

One of the reviews that I found was about the yamaha p115.  This digital piano looked very nice, and it was in a price range that I would be able to afford.  The real question was whether or not it would be something that my son would truly enjoy or if it would just be a slight upgrade from the cheap keyboards that he already owned.  Upon reading the review, I decided that this seemed like a pretty good bet if I was going to get something that he could play seriously.  Not only was it affordable, but it apparently had keys that felt exactly like an actual piano.  I thought that this was something that might be important to him, so that was definitely a selling point for me.  I also liked the fact that it had a headphone jack, which meant that he could play whenever he wanted, even if everyone else in the house was asleep.

After consideration and comparing it with other digital pianos that I read reviews for, I decided that the Yamaha p115 was the one that I would purchase for him.  Again, the price was definitely right, and it seemed to have all of the features that he really needed if he wanted something serious to play.  I went ahead and ordered the digital piano over the internet, and it shipped within a few days.  I had to hide it in my closet in order to keep it out of his sight, but that was something that was not all that difficult for me to do, especially considering that the piano did not weigh a whole lot at all.

When he opened up the present on his birthday, he was extremely excited.  He actually told me that this was one of the digital pianos he had been looking at and hoping to get one day.  I am really glad that I read those reviews and made the decision that I made.  I now have a very happy musician son who is playing on those keys all the time.